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Initial Counselling Session

Finding empowerment to change your life

 ~ Choosing to work together ~


Having your very first counselling session can feel daunting. 

Here is an overview of what to expect when you come for your very first session.

In our initial session together, we will explore your needs and you will get a feel of how I work. I will go through the contact form and the contract with you in the session, we will explore what you want to focus on in therapy. You may not know exactly what that is initially. That is ok, we can contract to explore that. We will also discuss your expectations of therapy and any other worries that you may have in coming to therapy.


After this initial session you can decide whether or not you would like to continue to work with me. It is important that you feel comfortable, and you are not obligated to continue working with me after the initial session.


If you decide that you feel comfortable to work with me then we will arrange a session at the same time and day each week. Initially, we would work together for six weeks. This is a really important time where we are building the therapeutic relationship. I will check in to see how this is working for you. I work in an open-ended way which means after these six weeks you are in charge of the length of time we work together, and I will continue to check in to see how therapy is working for you.

Ongoing Counselling Sessions

During your subsequent counselling sessions. we will gently explore the issues or concerns in your life. I often work with parts of self, reflecting on the internal struggle of these parts which often keeps us stuck. I gently challenge you to reflect on what is going on and how you might want things to be. Through our work together I aim to support you in discovering shifts in perspectives, enabling a sense of new possibilities and well-being.  This will help to find a new way forward to feeling more comfortable, less anxious and more connected to yourself and those around you. You will gain greater understanding of yourself, making sense of thoughts and feelings and how they may impact you and your behaviour.

In this supportive, caring environment I will help you to become more self-aware, empowering you to make changes in your life for your own personal growth. 

 ~ I aim to help you become more YOU!    Whatever that might look like ~

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